Triangle and 360 flashers…which one to use for Springers?

January 28, 2023

Ok, the term 360 flasher is a little misleading because both flashers rotate 360 degrees. However, the one that is referred to as a 360 flasher is more or less shaped like a skateboard and serves a total different purpose than a triangle flasher. Both are extremely effective when fished correctly. Let me explain.

Let’s talk first about the triangle flasher. As the name implies the triangle flasher is shaped like a triangle. It comes in many different colors and probably about 3 to 4 different sizes. The preferred size for me for salmon is an 8″ flasher. You can find them from Yakima Baits, Shortbus, and Macks Lure just to name a few. The triangle flasher is considered to be a no drag flasher…meaning as it’s going thru the water it’s creating less drag on the rod than a skateboard style 360 flasher. A triangle flasher can be fished closer to the bottom than a 360 flasher. It does not have a larger circular rotation like a 360 and more like a torpedo type rotation going thru the water. Typically the bait of choice behind a triangle flasher is a cut plug herring. It’s rigged with 2 3/0 barbless hooks spaced 3 finger widths apart and fished 4 to 5 feet behind it in clear water and shortened maybe to 2 ½ to 3 feet in darker/stained water. Hug it to the bottom and fish downhill with the current along with about a 45 degree angle on your line. Be patient and with lots of confidence and a little luck watch the rod bury and call out FISH ON!

Moving on to what we call a 360 flasher…or sometimes referred to a skateboard flasher. The 360 flasher has really revolutionized fishing. It is so effective in catching fish that if you’re a so called fisherman you probably own a good handful of them and if not…go buy some. Manufactures like Shortbus, Pro Troll, Macks Lures and others all have a good variety of them. My favorites are made by Shortbus and Pro Troll, I’m sure the others work just as well. Unlike the triangle flasher where it does not create drag the 360 flasher creates a good amount of it, therefore use an amount of lead to get you down where you need to be so you are fishing effectively. The 360 flasher rotates in large circle like 360 degree revolution. It is best fished with a 25″ bumper(meaning from the main line tie on a swivel and snap on a heavy leader, bumper, to your 360 flasher). From the end of your 360 flasher tie on a 25″ leader and choose your presentation. For Springers I like 2 presentations…really 3. The first one is a size 3 or 2.5 Yakima Bait Spinfish stuffed with pieces of sardine and scented with Anise. The second is a 3.5 spinner. If your not sure what a 3.5 spinner is check out VIP Outdoors and Shortbus. They have what I consider the best selection of 3.5 spinners. The 3rd…a 3.5 spinner with an added Coon Shrimp.

All of these presentations are super effective when trolled behind a 360 flasher with an attached 25″ leader. Again, leader length from your 360 flasher to your presentation makes a big difference. The shorter the leader the more kicking action you will get and vice versa the longer the less action. If the Fish aren’t biting maybe play with the leader length first. Fish it close to the bottom and look for a 1 second thumping action at the end of your rod as it works and hold on.

Tight lines trolling and remember, go slow and fish downhill with the current. Here’s a tip…when the water warms a few degrees focus more on a 360 flasher and 3.5 spinner. See what happens. 😁

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