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Each species of fish has a good season. Below are the general seasons for the species I can help you catch. Click each fish species to toggle more information.

March – June:
Spring Chinook are the best eating salmon on the planet! We target these fish starting on the Lower Columbia River below the Portland area and follow them upriver throughout the run, finishing in Rufus, Oregon.

June – July:
Summer Chinook are known for their size as they once were referred to as the June Hogs. We fish the middle stretches of the Columbia River for these huge beautiful traveling Kings.

Sockeye. Columbia River sockeye are one of the best eating salmon you can catch. As they enter the river in July, we target them above the John Day Dam and follow them up the Hanford Reach as they continue to their spawning grounds on the Upper Columbia by Brewster, Washington. Generous bag limits, beautiful scenery, and great weather make this an excellent trip!

August – October:
Fall Chinook are one of the most abundant Salmon to target. They are big, aggressive and full of fight. We start fishing for these awesome fish as they enter the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon also known as the Buoy 10 fishery. Following them up the Columbia River and into the Gorge.

Coho or Silver salmon. I fish the Columbia and Klickitat Rivers where these feisty fish are returning to spawn. They come in great numbers and are by far the most fun to target. Multiple hook ups and fast action are the norm to these trips.

January 1:
Although Sturgeon can be caught all year long; keeper fish can be targeted from January 1 until the quota has been achieved. This is when we primarily target them. Hurry and pick your date closest to January 1 as this fishery has been known to close quick due to catch rates. Spring and early summer are the prime times to catch the oversize beasts.

If you want to catch a big oversized, fishing during the peak of the shad run in June is ideal. This is a catch and release fishery only.

February – September:
February thru April are usually the best times to target trophy females…jigging is the primary method. Not as many fish are caught, but when you get one, it is usually a big one! As the months go by and starting in March, we start targeting the nice eater size walleye. They call these Columbia River Gold as you just can’t beat the taste of these guys. Multiple hook ups and no fish limits mean usually a nice bag of “Gold” going home.

Pound for pound, these are the hardest fighting fish in the river! This is a great fishery for kids and beginners with hot action and great weather. June is the peak of the run. We target these fun catching fish below Bonneville Dam and also below the John Day Dam. Shad make great Sturgeon bait and also one of the best baits for crabbing.

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