Anchor Fishing with Mag Lips

The tastiest of all salmon…Spring Chinook…are making their way up and March-May is the time to get out after ’em. While there are many ways you can target these prime kings, one popular technique on the Columbia River is to anchor and deploy a Yakima Bait Mag Lip. Let me explain on how to be … Read more

Preparing For Early Returning Spring Chinook

Very few early spring chinook(Springers) have been caught so far and we usually don’t see consistent catches until late March. Every year I like to take the time and run thru my gear. Whether it be my boat or my fishing gear. I feel it’s one of the best ways to make sure that I’m … Read more

Triangle and 360 flashers…which one to use for Springers?

Ok, the term 360 flasher is a little misleading because both flashers rotate 360 degrees. However, the one that is referred to as a 360 flasher is more or less shaped like a skateboard and serves a total different purpose than a triangle flasher. Both are extremely effective when fished correctly. Let me explain. Let’s … Read more

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